Triathlon Training

Triathlons calls you to master three disciplines. Getting the balance right is what leads to success. Our bespoke training plan listen to where you are and your skills in each discipline. We the work with you to plan your program, enjoy your training and excel at Triathlon.

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Running Training

Whether you are entering a fun run 5k or want to five-minute-mile your next Marathon we are here to help you. We work with you to get the mixture of training right, with endurance, speed and technique sessions. Enjoy your running and get your plan together.

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Cycling Training

As cyclists we love to invest in our bikes, it is time to invest in our bodies. Still enjoy your scenic rides in the country while building power, stamina and climbing ability. Start seeing big gains in your cycling today.

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Swimming Training

However much we love swimming it can get dull. Our swim training plans save your from the length after length boredom. Try different drills, challenges and even open water swimming. Get your technique right, your stamina you and a smile on your face.

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We believe in you and what you are doing. Train with a smile on your face and get to your goals.

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Training Plans with Little Bit Faster

TriathlonIncreasingly people are getting into, no, people are failing in love with sports. Charity events with participants running their first 10k are booming, cycling sportives are seeing exponential growth and Triathlon is the fastest growing sport.

You can't expect to complete your event without training, no more then you can expect to play golf without learning how to swing a club. Little Bit Faster is a bespoke and affordable training and performance tool. We take you from where you are to where you want to be. Whether you are doing you first 400m swim or want a sub 12-hour Ironman.

Training doesn't have to be churning out the miles. Have fun training with us and put an extra kick into your training.

How the training programmes work

Underpinning all of our training plans if the proven principle of periodisation. In simple terms training is a mixture of work and rest. In a four-week period you may have two hard weeks, one medium week and a lower intensity training week. Proper periodisation is the best way to achieve the results you are after, fast.

Your training period is also broken down into training segments, known as bases and builds - these are explained during your training plan. As you train towards your events you could be spend one segment working on your aerobic base, followed by another segment perfecting your technique. Every part of your training plan is flexible and is made to fit into your weekly schedule and lifestyle.

Who are training plans for?

Everyone. We mean that. Whatever your current fitness or ability a properly designed custom-made training plan will help you reach your goals. Like everything in life it will take work and commitments, we are here to give a expert advise, guidance and a cracking training plan.

Whether you are trying to complete your first 5k run or are wanting to smash that 18 minutes 5k personal best we work with you to hone your skills, knowledge and fitness. If you ever have any doubt about whether we can help you then drop us an email on our contact page.

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